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To mark Omega watches dustcover to protect all fashion

Le 10 décembre 2013, 03:14 dans Humeurs 0

To mark its 10th anniversary, Omega watches have commissioned a custom watch. Its specs and modifications have been selected by company founders and avid Omega collectors, Omega watches. Oslo, Norway based, Blender Agency is one of the most influential and forwardlooking fashion agencies on the Scandinavian fashion scene. They represents some of the most sought after high-end and contemporary high-street fashion brands. The Omega from 1972 is one of the most sought after vintage Rolexes in the world. It was originally commissioned by the MOD. It comes with fixed lug bars chosen to reduce weight and to optimize wearability with the G10 NATO straps.

The Omega watch case features a stealthy DLC (diamond like carbon) coating along with item specific high-tech military ceramic inserts from Prohunter in Switzerland. The Omega watch comes with a custom bezel insert with full 60 individual minute markers accompanied with the BA mongram logo and a monochrome Prohunter logo. In addition to the standard black and green Prohunter engraved G10 NATO straps, the Omega watch comes with a custom Prohunter engraved replica hublot big bang. Limited to 10 pieces, each watch comes with an individually engraved caseback from 1 to 10, and “Blender Agency 10th”. The watch is available upon special request.

The watch is the foundation of Omega line of traditional dress watches, embodying what a straightforward dress watch can be. The brand new Ref. 5227 adds a small flourish with a specially integrated Officer’s Style caseback which you can open to reveal a sapphire caseback and the automatic caliber 324 SC.

There is a lot to admire about this simple Omega watch. First off, you’ll notice that at 39mm the case is 2mm larger than the last Omega releases. While we’re definitely fans of keeping dress replica tag heuer grand carrera more modestly sized, the 39mm case sits great on the wrist and looks fantastic. The classic dial has a nice gloss to it from the twelve layers of lacquer that go into each one and the lugs have a great sculptural quality to them.

The so-called “Officer’s Style” case has a hinged gold dustcover to protect the sapphire caseback. But, as you would expect from Patek Philippe, adding a simple hinge would be too easy and instead Patek spend two years developing their own invisible hinge so as to keep the clean lines of the Calatrava case intact. When you open the case you can see the caliber 324 SC movement, which features both a Gyromax balance wheel and Spiromax balance spring. And the inside of the dust cover itself features an Omega engraving, though after the first series is produced, this cover will be left blank for customers to personalize themselves.

We will have more details on this amazing Omega watch in the coming days

Le 10 décembre 2013, 03:13 dans Humeurs 0

Omega has come out with some pretty impressive concept watches over the last few years, including the epic (and award-winning) Omega watch. Today they officially announced the next stage of this journey for faster and more precise timing, the Omega watch, which utilizes a new magnetic balance system and replica Omega Deville developed alloys to shave those seconds even thinner.

Aesthetically, the Omega watch has a lot in common with the fashion, though rotated 90 degrees (bringing the pushers and crown to the top of the case and the two balances to the bottom). And there are still two tourbillons, though these tourbillons represent a first in watchmaking: magnetic tourbillons completely free of balance springs.

Instead of a traditional balance spring and wheel system, the Omega watch uses a magnetic system that TAG Heuer calls a pendulum. Essentially a magnetized wheel pulses extremely quickly inside ring that provides a constant magnetic Replica BR 03-94. This completely eliminates gravity-related losses of accuracy, though magnets’ temperature sensitivity still required Omega to create a precisely blended alloy that would ensure accuracy.

As if this new balance wasn’t enough, Omega has put two of them in the new replica Audemars Piguet, each with a tourbillon as well. As with the Omega watch, one powers the main timekeeping portion of the movement, while the other drives the chronograph (accurate to 1/100th of a second). The former beats at the not-so-modest 12Hz and turns, while the later at a miraculous 50Hz and rotates 12 times per minute – much faster than any spring-driven balance.

We’ll have more details on this amazing watch in the coming days, including live pics and video of the tourbillons in action. For now, visit Omega watches for more.